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Tapping a birch tree for sap. Makes wine, syrup, ice cubes for malt whiskey, etc

Amazing video, he has lots of older style tools that need no power other then what you produce from your body. Very enjoyable to watch.

Metal Filings In Your Freaking Cereal

Steve – I will be trying this and recording for this site to make sure it is true.

US Troops hail Ron Paul and defending the Constitution

This is a little bit late as I have been pushing Ron Paul Since I heard of him in 2004 even thought I am Canadian, if Ron Paul became President of the United States, we would start seeing change here in Canada. That change would be for the better.

Ron Paul is a very influential person in many lives. He will be looked back upon as a hero when our Grandchildrens Grandchildren look back on our day.

Bill C-51

Here are a couple links to the actual proposed Bill C-51 and the discussions being had through parliament and members. Anyone living in these regions should be contacting their representative and letting them know how you feel about losing your rights and not only accepting but by being silent your asking for a secret police force to come into effect here in Canada. Everyone can see the actual uses for police, I have a rental property here in Edmonton, one of my tenants had an ex-girlfriend problem, she got her brother and his friends to come over, break windows, they grabbed one of my other tenants who was outside smoking by the throat with a knife, etc. The cops did nothing. You go outside and drive around with 1 day late plate registration, you get pulled over and charged. You drive 5 kilometers over the limit and a Photo radar camera takes a picture and sends you a $200 bill in the mail, they are Policy Enforcement Officers, not there to protect the people or keep the peace. You go to protest something unlawful and probably illegal, something infringing on our human rights and defying the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and they bear mace and tazer you or spray you with their water cannon. We are going to go ahead and give these people more power? Are people that blind and ignorant? Would you go against the signature on your cheque at your job?

I will be sending a thank you letter to Jack Harris, a member from St Johns Newfoundland, someone who actually read through the act. I will also be sending a few other letters to members who are clearly stunned or paid off to accept such diliquency.