Renewable Energy

How to keep Bees – the basics

Bees are essential pollinators and they produce delicious honey, a beehive is the perfect compliment for any productive fruit and vegetable garden – knowing where to put a hive and how to ensure your garden is bee friendly are the first steps of successful beekeeping.

Stanley Meyer 1992 Interview — Water-Powered Car Explanation

In 1996, Stan Meyer gave oral testimony before the court demonstrating the WFC Fuel Cell “Mode of Operability” by using the Voltage Intensifier Circuit (VIC) to produce voltage of opposite polarity to separate and disassociate the water molecule into its component gases, hydrogen & oxygen. However, the court audio sound recording equipment seemed to malfunction and was switched off. Judge Corzine said proceedings should continue without it. This was a violation of judicial protocol, since the recording system is used to verify testimony given during the trial and as such becomes “Evidence of Records.” After his oral testimony, Stan expected Attorney/Judge Hurley to start bringing forth WFC witnesses and counter arguments. Instead, Attorney/Judge Hurley spoke up, stated he had to leave for a pre-planned vacation and said that there was no more testimony to be given and waived the right of the defendant to give a case summary of the WFC facts brought before the court. Stan Meyer immediately stated he would protest and Judge Corzine ended the hearing. Stan wrote a “Request to Retract” fax-letter to the Sunday Times on 2 December 1996. He attached WFC documentation on the filing with the Disciplinary Counsel. He further stated that Judge Corzine had no right to turn off the court audio sound recording equipment, nor to rule against U.S. Patents, or overrule Government and University lab reports in the public domain concerning the mode of operability of the WFC Technology. Furthermore, Stan pointed out that no US Federal “Cease and Desist” order has ever been issued against WFC since the WFC Technology has been fully legalized under US Patent Security Law 35 USC 101 and other US Federal regulatory Acts. His final statement was that “WFC is here to stay” in contradiction to the Sunday Times statement.

Homemade Furnace

Jim Meaney, owner of Cansolair Inc. displays how he converts pop cans into a powerful solar heating panel.

Natural Pools – Natural Pool selfbuild

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“Swimming in natural water is a delight to our sences. Your skin and hair feels soft and your eyes don’t sting. It seems as if, every cell in your body is telling you – this is the way swimming should be.”  – David Pagan Butler
A Natural Swimming Pool is swimming pool that has clear water without using chemicals. These pools rely entirely on the plants and animals to condition the water. This is so effective that this pool has been tested and shown to be of drinking water quality. Also, through the continual natural “cleaning process” the pool water never needs changing, saving water. Chemical free so it is healthy for people and wildlife. Wild Swimming at home.

660 Gallon Rain Barrel & Compost Tea System

This is the last video in my rain barrel system series. The entire system has now been constructed and consists of 12-55 gallon drums to hold 660 gallons of rain water. Four additional containers are below the barrels which will brew compost tea – and then it is pumped back into the rain water barrels to make a 1 part compost tea – to 3 parts water mixture to be delivered to the garden.