About Us

Mission Statement:

Variety & Truth is initially a Canadian based, non-biased, fact driven media outlet. It is defined by its members for its members. It is accessible by a monthly fee and subscribed to by a diverse, open-minded intellect. We strive to provide the rarest and most up to date content. We boast a solid community with profiled memberships where you come not only for content but perhaps another stream of income. An enjoyable income, where your opinion matters and the collective thrive.



Variety & Truth is simply put, a hub and source of non-biased information. We bring together new and old ideas that either you or I find interesting. We stay up to date on current events (not the mainstream medias current events but nature and seasonal events) and we run simultaneously as a platform of unique articles, pictures and videos along with a members only monthly Newsletter and Forum.

We are not here to tell you how or what to think, we provide facts and let you make the decision.

I have been inspired to build this site due to the lackluster organization the internet has become. There is so much information just lingering around the web, I felt there needed to be some cleanliness to it all. I believe by organizing information into relevant sections, we can provide information in a user-friendly manner.

We have set a goal for ourselves. After the official launch date of Variety & Truth we would like to subscribe 100,000 people within 3 years at a mere $1/month (paid annually). I believe this is possible on account of some of the most ridiculous things going viral in a month or two. This site truly provides some very relevant and interesting information for the majority of people on this planet, especially Canadians.

Please take your time, navigate through our site (try our site map or how to use section) and tell me this isn’t neat and that you don’t want to be a part of it. I don’t think you can. We have spent countless hours gathering information, emails, phone calls, for the simple fact of providing seamless, helpful, step by step instructions for simplifying your life.

Please enjoy and spread the word!

Stephen Osmond