How to use

At Variety & Truth, we hope to have a very user friendly simple website that can be easily sifted through with very little distraction from advertisements, sales pitches, or opinionated statements. We want to get straight to the facts for each section and as detailed as possible, while keeping each video and write up as short and precise as possible.

We have a monthly newsletter that can be signed up for at a mere $1/month paid annually. This newsletter will be sent to the members subscribed email and will also be accessible logging in to your account on the website.

There are comment sections for each video/write up for specific questions, corrections, additions, or further experiences for viewers to see. All ‘likes’, positive or criticisms can be submitted in another general section referring to that video or sent to

You can request something to be researched and posted on each section of the website by sending an email with proper information provided with links and as much info detailing the requested article. Have which section you believe it should be in and if its something that should be entered in the newsletter, which month it is most relevant. You can send the email to

You can post sections, write ups, articles, from the main website using specific urls for facebook, twitter, and any other social media outlet you wish to share us with. Don’t forget about our referral program! More information on the referral a friend page

General use of V&T (site map) – when you first come to V&T you will enter on the front page and will be able to get back to the front page at any time by clicking on the Variety & Truth banner at the top. The front page will explain such things as how to use the site, show a bar graph of our intended goal of 100,000 subscribers and where we are sitting at any given time. It will explain each sections goal, the newsletter, the refer a friend program, making requests and viewer submissions, etc.

The Calendar of events will be accessible via the main page. This will at first be generalized across Canada, then after we have reached 50,000 subscribers, we will go into distinctive provinces. Each province will have its own calendar, newsletter, and information, however, will still be using the main Variety & Truth main page as the ‘hub’.

Newsletter – The newsletter is $1/month paid annually = $12 up front payment. You will be able to pay with either Paypal, visa, Mastercard, bitcoin, or we may even consider and barter/trade deal. Perhaps you can advertise us in a magazine, on a billboard, prove you have set up posters in clean legit areas with a video, if we agree it is sufficient, we will grant you a one year subscription. The newsletter will be similar to a newspaper in the style of conveyance, however, there will be encrypted videos along with articles, write ups, and helpful tips and tricks for everyday life.

Only members can use forum or post comments. Non members can view comments however do not have access to forums.

Use forum for requests. Only actual informative questions or responses for comments on videos please. Other positive or random criticisms can be posted in the forum.